People Involved

Julie Perini
Julie is the organizer of the (perhaps first annual) Portland Diary Summit. She is a filmmaker, daily videomaker, diary keeper, reader, writer, teacher, question asker, raw nerve, hot spring hopper, long-distance hiker, prison and police abolitionist, a product of the suburbs of New York and DIY culture of the 90s. Julie’s experimental and documentary films/videos and other artworks have exhibited at festivals, theaters, community spaces, galleries, campgrounds, storefronts, the sides of bridges, and many other venues.

Cynthia Nelson
Cynthia will teach a diary and creative writing workshop at the Portland Diary Summit. Cynthia Nelson is a poet, writer, life-long diarist, multi-instrumentalist songwriter and teacher who has authored several books of poetry, recorded over a dozen albums and toured the country many times over. She teaches creative approaches to music and writing to adults and children in Portland. Cynthia has published tour diaries, documenting her life on the road in rock bands, and she is interested in the intersection of diary and biography.

Saint Piñero
Saint will co-curate, with Sage Ó Tuama of Film Diary NYC, a program of short films for the Portland Diary Summit. Saint is a queer, Afro-indigenous Nuyorican photographer and curator. Their work is a meditation on memory, the queer archive, and transience. They are the co-founder of Film Diary NYC, a film festival for personal documentary & home video. They curate an ongoing series of photo shows at Millennium Film Workshop, where they are a member of the programming board.

Sage Ó Tuama
Sage (he/him) will co-curate, with Saint Piñero of Film Diary NYC, a program of short films for the Portland Diary Summit. Sage is co-founder and programmer for Film Diary NYC and member of the Millennium Film Workshop programming board. His work as an artist and curator has appeared at Anthology Film Archives (New York), Millennium Film Workshop (Brooklyn), Miriam Gallery (Brooklyn), Spectacle (Brooklyn), DCTV's Firehouse Cinema (New York), MADIFF (Madrid), and more. Member of the Brooklyn-based Deskarga Groupo artist collective.
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